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Indigo blue Notre Dame de Paris cathedral poster

Indigo blue Notre Dame de Paris cathedral poster

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Of course, you know of the tragedy which struck our beautiful Notre Dame de Paris cathedral in 2019.

For those who want to remember it as it was before the fire, this poster of Notre Dame is just what you need.

Based on a 1889 black and white drawing by Auguste Vitu, it shows the cathedral as seen from the bank of the Seine, with the magnificent portal in the forefront and the spire in the back, which as you may now was destroyed in the fire.


  • The charm of antiques, the quality of modern printing
  • Indigo blue tinted ink for a modern take on a classic
  • Printed on museum-quality thick durable Archival paper with Archival inks
  • Giclée printing quality
  • White margins for easy framing 

This lovely Notre Dame poster was made using a 1889 book page from a book on Pairs, illustrated with maestria by Auguste Vitu. It shows the whole of the cathedral seen from the front, along the river Seine, with it's soaring spire, on a pure white background.

Frame it and hang it in your home to remember forever this fragile jewel of sacred architecture.

𝗦𝗜𝗭𝗘 : Vertical. Choose your size from the drop-down menu. All sizes include margins.

Please check the pics for an idea of each size. Each poster has a white margin all around for easy framing.

Pure white and Beige are available. In the Beige prints, the beige color stops approx. 1/2" around the drawing's frame, giving way to a pure white margin for easy framing.

𝗠𝗔𝗥𝗚𝗜𝗡𝗦: The height/width ratio of the original image being fixed, the margins around the image will be slightly different for each printed size. Please check the pictures carefully to get an idea. Each poster has a large white margin for easy framing. Mat and Frame not included.

Why is Notre Dame the most famous cathedral in the world? Despite it being a catholic place of worship,  its fame extends well beyond the borders of the Christian world.

Part of the answer is, of course, that it represents one of the most iconic views of Paris, itself the most visited city in the world.

But the history of its construction, which sparked world-famous books, plays and even musicals certainly explains the  worldwide fame of this majestic example of French Gothic architecture. Started in the year 1163, the main construction work lasted over a century, with modifications being applied in later centuries.

The architecture incorporates some of the most spectacular innovations of the times, for example with the flying buttresses, constructed during the 13th century, which enabled the weight of the vault to be transmitted to those side-structures so that walls could both be made thinner and reach higher.



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