How to pronounce Redouté and Redoute

How to pronounce Redouté and Redoute

French words and name can be tricky to pronounce for non-native speakers. 

The famous naturalist Pierre-Joseph Redouté is a good example because there is an accent on the last e. If the accent isn't written, the pronunciation is different and, of course, so is the meaning as redoute is a French word in its own right, with several different meanings.

This little vidéo will show you how both Redouté and Redoute are pronounced.

  • Redouté: written with a capital R, it is a family surname, most famously worn by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, an 18th century painter celebrated for his botanical paintings. 
  • redouté: written with no capital R, it is the past participle of the verb redouter, which means to dread.
  • redoute: written without an accent on the last e, it is either a form of the verb redouter or a noun which translates to redoubt in English

Isn't French wonderful? 

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