Uncover Rare Antique Animal Prints from 1890: A Delight for Wildlife Enthusiasts

Uncover Rare Antique Animal Prints from 1890: A Delight for Wildlife Enthusiasts



Welcome to our antique dictionary print collection, where we bring you a unique selection of engravings extracted from a 1890 German Pierers dictionary. These interesting pieces offer a glimpse into the past, showcasing enchanting engravings of various animals, plants or techniques.

Whether you’re a wildlife lover, cactus gardener, botanist, or simply a lover of vintage art, these prints make for a truly exceptional addition to your home decor. Let's dive into the fascinating details of each remarkable print.


1. 1890 Antique Bats Print

Aren't bats just facsinating?  Featuring delicately engraved illustrations of these mysterious creatures, known as "Fledermaus" in German, the print captures the essence of their elegance.


Bats engraving

On the reverse side, you'll find a selection of antique flying machines, adding a touch of whimsy... the vagaries of alphabetical order as these prints are from an antique German dictionary. Framed in a double-sided reversible frame, this print is the perfect gift for any wildlife lover.


2. 1890 Antique Bears & Marsupials Print


Bear engraving

Let's move on now to the world of bears and marsupials. This page of the dictionary portrays several species of bears, including the magnificent polar bear, brown bear or the Grizzly bear. On the reverse side, explore a collection of charming marsupials.

Adorned with a Gothic-style legend in German, this print exudes timeless appeal. Frame it to create a double-sided reversible piece and surprise your favorite wildlife enthusiast.


3. 1890 Antique Cactus Botanical Print

For cactus aficionados and botanists, this vintage cactus print holds immense allure. Featuring intricately detailed botanical drawings of different cacti, including the impressive Saguaro, this print showcases the beauty and diversity of these arid plants. Perfect for your favorite cactus gardener or add it to your own hot-house or desert-inspired decor.

 Cacti engraving

4. 1890 Antique Ducks Print


Duck illustration

Step into the fascinating world of ducks with this lovely antique print. On one side, discover enchanting illustrations of various duck species, including the Mallard, Merganser, Pochard, Eider, Wood duck or the Northern Shoveler. On the reverse, and because this is a dictionary plate with different topics illustrated on each side, you will find diagrams of drainage constructions, offering a unique juxtaposition.

Frame this captivating print in a double-sided reversible frame and surprise a duck lover or engineer in your life.


These rare antique animal prints from 1890 provide an unparalleled glimpse into the past, at a time when books were the only source of knowledge. Each print is an authentic dictionary page. Despite their age, the engravings remain in excellent condition.

With only one in stock for each print, they are a collector's dream. Choose your favorite print and bring a touch of history and elegance into your home decor. Order today and enjoy the beauty of these prints that stand the test of time.


Note: The prints ship from Switzerland, carefully packaged in a reinforced envelope and cellophane bag. Please note that the mat and frame are not included.

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