10 Thoughtful Gifts For Men

10 Thoughtful Gifts For Men

Are you always wondering what is a good gift for the men in your life?  Whether it's for your husband, dad, son or boyfriend, finding unique gift ideas for men is often a puzzle. What will they like?
Well, in our view, the best way to make sure that you're going about it the right way is to be thoughtful. Make sure they'll notice that you know what they are interested in!

The best retro inspired posters for men

Does he love spending his free time with a rod and flies at the nearest lake? Is he fascinated by all things motor? Does he watch all boxing or wrestling matches? Does he dream of growing all the produce for your table? Or want to know exactly what the best cuts of meat are for the next BBQ?

And here at French Vintage Prints, there's a thoughtful poster for every interest and hobby. Check out our suggestions of retro-inspired posters, perfect to decorate man caves, dens and offices.

1. Fishing 

Saltwater or freshwater? Which fishes has he brought back already?


2. Motors and engines

It roars, it purrs, it ticks, it steams... it must be fascinating! Delightful antique cars or intricate train engines, there's a poster for every style of traveller.

3. Sailing & boating

Whether he likes the calm of a small punt on the lake or the refreshing feel of the wind and ocean waves, you'll find the perfect boat poster here.

4. Boxing

The gentlemen’s sport! Aren’t these boxers delightful?

5. Combat sports

Wrestling or Jiu-Jitsu? Two different styles for your favorite sportsman.


6. Swimming & diving

 Isn't this guy learning to swim on a stool just precious? 

7. Rowing

There’s an incredible sort of bonding between the members of a rowing team. Has he made friends for life? 

8. Becoming a grill master meat expert

Make sure he knows exactly what's what at the next barbecue. Who knows the best meat cuts? Who grills the best patties?

9. Historical reenactement & cosplay

Which boy has never dreamed of being a knight in armor, fighting with a mighty sword to conquer new worlds? Those helmets will remind him of all his childhood's dreams.

10. Produce Gardening

Who has the biggest squash in the neighborhood? Let's find out which veggies he's going to grow next.

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